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Mermaid Class Rules

APPLICABILITY: The Mermaid Class Rules apply to the SVYC owned boats and the three privately owned boats: Annabelle, Classic Cynthia and Dragonfly.

M1 Boats will be provided for all competitors, who shall not modify them or cause them to be modified in any way except that

(a) a compass may be carried on board, or tied or taped to the hull or spars;

(b) a handheld VHF and/or mobile phone may be carried on board, but may only be used in accordance with SI 19; no information source based on gps may be used, except where required by the NoR/SIs, eg Cowes Week tracking application;

(c) wind indicators, including yarn or thread, may be tied or taped anywhere on the boat, except that they may not be attached to the sails;

(d) adhesive tape may be used anywhere above the water line; and

(e) all fittings or equipment designed to be adjusted may be adjusted, provided the class rules are complied with; however the tautness of the standing rigging may not be altered except in an emergency.

M2 All equipment provided with the boat for sailing purposes shall be kept in the boat while afloat. Mermaids are equipped with and must carry an anchor, anchor warp, two paddles, bucket, throw-line, a flare pack and first aid kit.

M3 All helms and crew shall wear an adequate personal flotation device (as determined in SI 1.5) at all times while afloat except briefly while changing or adjusting clothing or personal equipment.

M4 The penalty for not complying with one of the above instructions will be disqualification from all races sailed in which the instruction was broken.

M5 The race committee's decision on whether or not racing takes place may not be over-ruled by a competitor. However, a Flag Officer, the Club Secretary, the Sailing Director, the Captain of Mermaids (or his nominee at Cowes) may at any time require racing to be abandoned or impose a limitation on the use of mainsails, genoas or spinnakers.

M6 Competitors are responsible for ensuring that they reach the starting area in time. No redress will be given as a result of competitors failing to be afloat on time. However, the race committee may at their sole discretion delay the start if they consider the situation warrants it.

M7 Unless otherwise signalled in accordance with M8 or M9, mainsails, jibs and full size or training spinnakers may be used.

M8 The following signals regarding the use of genoas, reefed mainsails and full size spinnakers will be made from the SVYC flagstaff or CV at any time before the warning signal is given. They will be accompanied by two sound signals and will remain in place until after the start.

Flag G = genoas allowed

Flag R = all boats must reef their mainsails

Flag V = full size spinnakers not allowed, but training spinnakers permitted

M9 After the start the race committee may signal at any mark of the course that full size spinnakers are no longer to be used. This will be signalled by displaying Flag V accompanied by periodic sound signals sufficient to draw each competitor's attention to the signal.

M10 The foresail may not be boomed out with any part of the boat's equipment other than the spinnaker pole provided, which must only be attached to the mast, except when gybing. It may be held out by a member of the crew.

M11 No member of the crew may sit or stand on the side decks when racing, except when moving to or from the foredeck or flying the Spinnaker.

M12 Competitors must declare any defects, damage or missing equipment on the form provided and include, where applicable, notification to the Race Officer that the boat has retired or taken a penalty.

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