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Home > News > Midweek Sailing 2018 - End of Season Report and Final Results
Home > News > Midweek Sailing 2018 - End of Season Report and Final Results

Midweek Sailing 2018 - End of Season Report and Final Results

Published 10:00 on 14 Sep 2018

Another great evening was enjoyed by over 80 sailors, partners and crew at the end of season dinner for the 2018 Wednesday and Thursday midweek sailing series.

The midweek captain, Guy Mattinson's report follows:

"The season has been a success if we are going by the number of boats sailed. For both Wednesday and Thursday, we have had a good average of 9.4 boats out on the start line. The season has been a relatively short season. We set out to sail 14 races on both days. The Thursday series seemed to have suffered the most losses due to the lack of wind, where we lost four races. Whereas Wednesday only missed out two races.

As part of our main sunset series, we have had a successful year with the Team racing. The team events were however disrupted by the lack of wind. Sadly, we were unable to sail against the RVYC. The team event against the RSYC ended up being a slow fleet race. Nevertheless, the RSYC enjoyed getting out in the Mermaids. We enjoyed a successful race against BHYC. Our annual four-way event continues to be a great success, against these three clubs. A big thank you to all those that took part in the team racing. The Green Welly, was held with great success. The farmers that did sail seemed to enjoy their time at the club. Thank you to Bob for standing in for Nick Haywood for organising the farmers.

The Warner Trophy proved to be a superb race with the wind direction favourable for a good beat back towards the finishing line, from the Warner mark. I am afraid I was unable to make the Caws Trophy last week, but gather it was success with 11 boats out.

The Midweek Sunset Series would not be possible without the support of a large number of people. Forgive me if I don't mention everyone, but from the club there is Nick and his team who continue to keep the boats in such tip top condition, considering the amount of use they get. Charlotte and her staff, especially Mike who workstirelessly behind the scenes to produce such good food, trying to judge if we have 35 or 55 people coming for supper.

A huge thank you must go to the team of race officers who step in to help on the deck, sometimes at the last minute. Min Close, Hugh Eddowes, Jo Haigh, Liz Strachan, Mandy Steward, Diane Foxley, Clare Graham and Bob and Angie Somers. You have been a huge help in coming to the rescue on several occasions when we were short of help on the deck and even Bob who came to the rescue last week.

And finally thank you to the Midweek Race Officers who so willingly give up one of their weeks sailing to run the deck, who continue to carry out their responsibilities with much enthusiasm.

For the statisticians amongst us, we have averaged a little under 10 (9.4) boats a race throughout the season, a little under last year's average. There was a bit of a slow uptake at the beginning of the season as the fair-weather sailors are still waking up from hibernation. For both Wednesday and Thursday, we have raced 22 races with 207 boat races. We have had 37 different helms racing over the two days. It has been good to see so many newly qualified sailors out on the water.

For each boat there has been an average of 13 races per boat. If you are a betting man then Sirena (Grey) and Bluebell (Dark Blue) would have been the ones to put your money on this year, leading on average. Halluf (Pale Green) finished the season with the most guns, with five firsts. Zara (Pale Blue) was the boat to be avoided based on an average result but was the best performing boat last year. Miranda (Black) and Mimosa (Pale Yellow) have not won a single race. It is perhaps extremely unlucky to sail boats beginning in 'M', possible name change is in order here?

So, who won what? There were 9 helms who sailed enough races on Wednesday and 7 helms on the Thursday series, who qualify for the trophy scoring criteria."

The final results were:

Warner Trophy

1st - Noel Dobbs 2nd - G Mattinson 3rd - J Betchley

Will Caws Trophy

1st - A Carritt 2nd - R Holbrook 3rd N Dobbs

Single-Handed Race

No Race

Wednesday Midweek Series – Thelma Coles Cup

1st - N Dobbs (10.5p) 2nd - R Holbrook (12p) 3rd - A Carritt (15p)

Thursday Midweek Series – Thomas Tankard

1st - J Pocock (9p) 2nd - J Betchley (10p) 3rd - G Mattinson (11p)

Pairs Porringer

Noel Dobbs, Jenny Boswell and their crew Juliette Bristow

Nimmo Tankard

Robert Lidbury

The Midweek Sailor

1st - G Mattinson (26) 2nd - J Pocock (30) 3rd - A Carritt (46) 4th - J King (48)

The evening concluded with a raffle and the usual fines for misdemeanours during the season.

Last updated 14:09 on 26 September 2018

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